Excursions and Activities

Community Engagement...

At Little Feet we place a high value on the importance of making collaborative partnerships with our families and the community.

We have connections with local dentists, speech therapists, occupational therapists and other relevant community services to enrich the learning of children of all ages throughout the centre.

We offer annual speech screenings, eyesight screenings and dental check-ups.

We have also made connections with the local primary schools and take the children on excursions to these on a regular basis, so that they are familiar with their new school environment in preparation for their transition.

Some examples of our excursions include:

  • The Local Butchers
  • Randwick Library
  • St. Catherine’s Junior School Library
  • Sculptures By The Sea
  • Varna Park
  • Local Vets
  • Local Nursing Home Visits

Go Go Sports...

Go Go Sports, is our specialised active program for children. This is inclusive in our daily fees.

GoGo Healthy Kids aim is to improve every child’s physical skills, introduce different sports, boost their confidence, develop teamwork and let kids enjoy an active lifestyle. Most important is that all children participate at their own level while they are active and having lots of fun!!


Music is a huge part of children’s lives. With this in mind, we have a tailored Music program delivered by Soundplay for our children in our Nursery, all the way through to our Pre-schoolers.

Soundplay music programs are uniquely designed to support what your educators are focusing on in class from week to week. In this way, they enhance and add benefit to what is already been taught to the children, making everything run in an easy cohesive manner.

Soundplay use music as a gateway, to cultivate confidence, communication and creativity as they connect the children to a world of happiness, creating a class environment that’s both inspired and relaxed.

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