Children's Nutrition

Meet Andrew

Andrew is responsible for all centre cooking, menu planning and nutrition. He has been working at Little Feet since April 2015 and a qualified chef since 1994.

Andrew’s speciality is pastry, bread work, cake decorating and catering for functions.

In his spare time he loves gardening and taking care of the centre greenhouse with the children, using the herbs in the centre meals as much as possible.

Andrew loves working at Little Feet as he gets to combine his passion of cooking along with his love of singing, dancing and art work.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices...

At Little Feet we recognise the importance of the early years of a child’s life in creating healthy lifestyle choices which will shape the choices made throughout adolescence and adulthood. It is for this reason that we are passionate about embedding the principles set out by Munch and Move in our daily practices.

Munch and Move...

Munch and Move is a NSW Health initiative that supports the healthy development of children birth to 5 years by promoting physical activity, healthy eating and reduced small screen time.


Andrew has a great passion and flare for cooking. Andrew recognises the importance of creating healthy eating habits. Andrew loves to use freshly grown herbs and vegetables in his cooking. We are lucky to have a centre greenhouse, which the children visit on a daily basis to tend to the growing plants. Sustainability is a huge focus for us at Little Feet, the children are regularly involved in planting and gardening experiences.  Through these experiences the children have the opportunity to experience first hand where their food is coming from and be involved in the preparation process.

Our Menus...

Our Menus are seasonal and are planned using the Munch and Move two week planning checklist. This gives us peace of mind in ensuring that our Menus are all meeting the Australian Dietary Guidelines for children. We aim to provide children with a range of cultural dishes. As with everything at Little Feet we value the input of families, children and staff in planning our menus.

Alfresco Dining...

We have a designated outdoor dining space for our children from Tiny Tots to Preschool.

At Little Feet we love to eat our meals as a group in our classes, as this reflects the culture and traditions of our families. At home families would aim to all sit together and eat their meals This is a social time for our children to sit together and talk about their day.

We encourage children of all ages to self-serve their meals. Educators will provide developmentally appropriate assistance. Through this the children have the opportunity to develop their self help skills, independence, fine motor skills, make choices about the food they eat and learn about portion control.

With every meal at Little Feet we serve mixed vegetables. The statistics show that very few Australian children are meeting their recommended daily intake of vegetables and we understand our important role in improving this statistic.

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