Story Park

Story Park

We always want to share your children’s developmental journey with you as much as we can.

We keep you in the loop with Storypark- our app that sends through your Daily Diaries, Little Feet Learning Tales, photos and videos directly to your phone.

Parents control their child’s digital footprint (Storypark does not own your data) and can decide who has access to their child’s information. This way you can add grandparents, friends and relatives to share in your child’s learning journey.

With Storypark, you can feel close when you’re far away. Your child’s educators can send you real-time updates, photos and videos throughout your day.

We love for our learning at Little Feet to compliment and build on learning experiences your child has at home, Storypark allows families to add their own learning stories to the app. If you are at the zoo or up to anything interesting in family time, you have the convenience to upload the photos or videos for your child to share with their educators and friends.

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